Published:2014-04-28  Source:Dongguan Jinda Industry Co.,Ltd.

l        Service tenet:"quality first, reputation first, customers first, service first".

l        Every salespersonclearly understands the requirements of the customer, being aware of theconstant changing ofthe market.

l        We have an inventory ofmore than 15,000 standard colors, controlled by a sophisticated computer systemto cope with the daily orders and to ensure timely delivery;

l        In case of orders withspecified dyeing colors, samples are timely provided for customers to confirmand approve.

l        We aim to fully meetcustomer’s demand, with modern equipment, superb technology, excellent talentand quality materials.

l        Technical staff is readyto provide assistance in the sewing thread expertise and sewing techniques.

l        We can provide customerswith applications direct around the sewing thread and help overcome technicaldifficulties with different applications.

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