Environmental Protection
Published:2014-04-28  Source:Dongguan Jinda Industry Co.,Ltd.

²        “In compliance with environmental laws andregulations, and to meet customer’s requirements of environmental protection,we strive to provide environmentally friendly products and pride ourselves asan enterprise of green operation that is committed to environmental protection,and that is working on continuous improvement."

²       We do our best to reduce the impact of operations on theenvironment

²       With global environmental standards established, we require eachsupplier to perform accordingly, and encourage them to achieve the sameapproach;

²       Our environmental policies and procedures are in line with thestandards and exceed our customers;

²       We make sure that all our textile sewing products are absolutelyin line with the environmental and ecological requirements, and are certifiedto "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" and "RoHS".

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