100% Polyester Continuous Filament Thread
100% Polyester Continuous Filament Thread

  • 100%

Product Description

<p>&quot;Kam Lai Mark” 100% Polyester Continuous Filament Thread for all types of leather, made from double-twisted imported polyester continuous filaments, dyed with high quality chemical dyestuff, with a lubricated finish specially designed for wide variety of uses, is avaible in over 500 various colors and sizes. It can also be dyed in special colors required by customers.</p>

Features and Benefits

Excellent UV radiation ability and color fastness
Excellent joint strength
Brightly colored light
Excellent sewing performance
Low moisture absorption
Soft surface treatment
Passed the Oeko - Tex Standard 100 and RoHS authentication
Improve the efficiency of the production

The main purpose

Handbags, leather and footwear
Sports, clothing products
Car chair cushion
Shield/sling and lacing
Special industry
Outdoor products
Electronic industry

Product Specifications


Remark: The product strength is only for reference; Can not to be used asminimum requirement.

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