N66 Bonded Nylon Thread
N66 Bonded Nylon Thread

  • N66

Product Description

<p><strong>“KamTa Mark” N66 Bonded Nylon Thread. </strong>madefrom imported nylon 6.6 continuous filaments bonded and twisted, has hightensile strength, exceptional resistance to mildew, rot and abrasion.</p><p><br/></p>

Features and Benefits

Excellent wear resistance, it is suitable for high density sewing.
Unique bonding chemicals and characteristics ensure the high adhesive continuity, to prevent the thread wear away.
Unique lubrication, make the sewing thread can smooth through the sewing needle, sewing thread tension stability, sewing stitch line balance.
Adhesive protect the fiber, prevent the sewing process damage.

The main purpose

Sports shoes and s Footwear
Car chair cushion
Book packaging
Diving suit
Furniture/ decorate
Seat belts
Leather product, leather and clothing products
Luggage and sports goods
Quartermaster supplies

Product Specifications


Remark: The product strength is only for reference; Can not to be used asminimum requirement.

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